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Who Knew

Who knew time would past by so fast?

That decisions I thought are far away as possible are in my face, angry and demanding? Who knew that growing up would be such a painful thing to face, the decisions, the tears, the rejection, the demands? Who knew paperwork, time frame, deadlines would be your nemesis in this grown up game of jumping head long into an industry with but your naive thinking and "knowledge" you thought suffices under your belt? Who knew that after all that slogging, sometimes, you are just NOT good enough to make the cut? Who knew that feeling of coming second holds out even after feeling it when you're ten years old, shuffling in your school shoes, heart beating a few beats too fast and your face burning as you smile, hoping, wishing that the first place is yours? Who knew that time changes everything, literally. That things you knew just only shy off two years ago would be so different, so unexpected and somehow at times, in the quiet of the night, or when you're plugged into your I-pod listening to tunes on a bus or walking on the street to catch a bus or when you're doing chores listening to songs playing that all of this seem to bother you relentlessly. And you wonder how it could have turn out the way it did.

Who knew positivity only gets you so far? That positivity wanes as you receive blow after blow of rejection, of disapproval, of walking into walls of uncooperative replies.

Questions. Questions.

And yes, I'd be positive still. Because I believe in Philippians 4:13.

Happy World Milk Day!

1st of June 2010. 

It's World Milk Day today. (: 

And guess what, I'm kicking myself in the tootsie to get up and going to update more often. Gone were the days would I rush home to update my blog, to type something to share about my day. Gone were the days would I sit there meticulously editing the post over and over again prior to posting, thanks to myself being OCD. If I were to blame someone, I'd blame FACEBOOK. It takes up hours on end of my time! (Any of my spare time to be exact) Then again, it's really my fault, hahaha. 

Anyways, as I was saying. Since I last updated, there was but more than an arm length's of things that happened. I'd say it's been quite a year, 2009. From having a heartbreak, to letting go. From having a dear person touched and change my life to the extend that I'm feeling contented, satisfied, blessed. Learning and gaining experiences as a Nurse, a person and as a daughter. Learning to do things for myself. I moved to a place that I didn't like, went for my Aged Care Placement in Cummins which enriched me entirely, etc. 2009, a year filled with joy, tears, arguments, lessons learnt, experiences. 

The beginning of 2010 was uneventful, I went to work for the long weekends including Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day. It felt different that year, reigning in the new year after knocking off at work at 2300. There was a point when I felt really alright being alone those night, until I called home and Desmond. Guess family is and always will be the biggest part in my life (: When Desmond got back, it was nice to have him back. Sometimes, I guess I do take him for-granted. Then, it was more of a whirlwind of kicking back to going to class knowing that I'd finish soon. My family came over for a visit for a month and it was great to have them back albeit surreal at times. I guess absence not only makes the heart fonder, it makes us all stronger and strengthen ties. It was great to see Desmond and my family hitting off. I did my Acute Care Placement at the Repatriation Hospital, it was a good experience, enriching really. I made new friends and I can't be happier. Moving to the surprising side of town, LOL! And felt the pressures of having have to do things entirely (with the help of Des) calling up providers etc. Moving itself was stressful and  there was of course, that little incident with !@#$% ex-landlord, ah wells.

For now, I guess is finishing up my Diploma and get ENROLLED! Seriously, enough is enough, I just want to get it over and done with then gear up for a job hunt and hopefully get replies on the job hunt. Tying up loose ends of this chapter of my life and wonder what's next (: 

A short update I hope that appeases, Sarah C! (Thanks, you make me want to update!)